What should I do if I have a dental problem during the pandemic?

Unfortunately during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are severely limited in our ability to deliver dental treatment.
Please read the whole message carefully. We would appreciate if you avoid calling as much as possible during weekends & Bank Holidays.
If you are in pain, or think you require urgent dental treatment, please telephone the practice on 028 9266 3222 & leave a message. The phone will be monitored between 9.00 am & 3.30pm each day & we shall contact you as soon as we can, to discuss the issue & make a plan.
Outside these hours, if you require true emergency dental treatment, where for instance, you have a severe & spreading swelling, which is affecting your ability to swallow, breathe or open your mouth, have uncontrolled bleeding from an extraction socket or have suffered a severe injury damaging your teeth, you should attend your local hospital A&E department.
Please note that during this pandemic crisis, the surgery doors will be locked, even during working hours, and visits to the surgery can only be made by prior arrangement over the phone.
We hope that you all keep safe during this difficult time, and look forward to providing more normal service in the future. Thank you for calling.