These procedures are to minimize the risks to patients & the dental team during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please read carefully!

We remain very limited in the types and numbers of treatment that we can provide.

You must have a confirmed appointment arranged by telephone, before attending the practice. Please let us know if your medical history has changed. It is useful if you bring a list of your updated medication.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Do not bring any unnecessary items to the practice. No handbags, other bags or coats. Please only bring card for payment, note of any treatment exemption payment numbers, mobile phone & any necessary medication.
  • Please bring and wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, you can buy one for £1.
  • Bring a card for payment – cash payments place the dental team at risk
  • Bring your charged mobile telephone, and keep your phone & card in your pocket throughout.
  • If you are exempt from payment, please bring the numbers on your exemption certificate.
  • Brush your teeth before attending.
  • Use the bathroom before you leave the house, as ideally you will not use the practice toilet facilities.
  • Patients should attend alone unless they are vulnerable, or unable to consent to treatment.

What will happen when I arrive?

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time & stay in your car. You can telephone to let us know you are in the car park.
  • We will telephone you to ask you to come to the door.
  • Please observe 2 metres social distancing as you approach the building, and as far as possible within the building.
  • Come to the door inside the porch & use the intercom. Please avoid touching any other surfaces. Please do not use the seat in the porch, unless you need to.
  • We will open the door, please do not enter. Please wear a mask & keep it on until the dentist asks you to remove it. We will ask you the Covid-19 screening questions again, and take your temperature.
  • Before you step in, please sanitise your hands.
  • You will then be invited to step into the practice, before the nurse will bring you to the surgery. The nurse will open the doors – please avoid touching any surfaces. The nurse will return to clean down the entrance area.
  • Any carer or parent must also wear a mask while in the building, will be asked to sanistise their hands, asked the Covid-19 screening questions & have their temperature taken. They must avoid touching any surfaces, and accompany you to the surgery.

What if I do not have a car?

  • Please arrive alone & at the exact time of your appointment.
  • We will follow the above procedures, but you will wait outside for your appointment. (Although if you are unable to stand, please use the intercom and ask to be admitted to the waiting room). Please observe social distancing, and do not approach reception unless you have an important query – wait until you are called to the surgery.

What will happen during treatment?

  • Please keep your mask on, until the dentist asks you to remove it.
  • You will be asked to sign & confirm your medical history & the blue form on the clinipad in the surgery
  • Please do not use the spittoon unless you need to.
  • After treatment, the dentist will ask you to put your mask on again.

What will happen after treatment?

  • Pay for treatment using a card
  • Please tell the team if you have touched any surfaces or used the toilet.
  • Please leave the surgery promptly

What if I have developed symptoms of Covid-19 since arranging the appointment?

  • If you have developed Covid-19 symptoms, please telephone the practice to rearrange your appointment. If you have pain the dentist will call you back and help you as best we can.
  • If you have arrived, we will not be able to allow you to enter the building.
  • The nurse will ask you to return to your car & the dentist will telephone you to discuss how to proceed. If you haven’t got a car please step outside, and the dentist will telephone you as soon as possible. Please maintain social distancing from all others.

What should I do after my appointment?

  • Please notify the practice if you develop any Covid19 symptoms within 14 days
  • Telephone the practice during working hours if you need further advice.


Please note that there will be a charge for missed appointments – £1 per minute appointment time